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Our team of expert analysts and wide network of veteran experts allow us to deliver solutions to a wide variety of industries and customers. Find below some of our core competencies and proven business solutions.


We can help our government clients conduct soundness and regulatory/supervisory capacity self-assessments in their banking and financial sector to help identify strengths and weaknesses and ultimately develop reform plans using in-house capacity or in partnership with multilateral and bilateral technical assistance providers. This exercise helps our clients position themselves in line with international best practices in banking regulation and supervision, and gives them the edge ahead of multilateral diagnostic exercises like the joint IMF/World Bank Financial Sector Assessment Program (FSAP). Our corporate clients in the financial industry can also benefit from our diagnostic services to help determine the stability and soundness of their credit portfolios. We use specialized and customizable quantitative techniques like financial soundness indicators (FSI) and stress testing.    


We can help our government and sub-national clients develop sound public debt and management capacity and medium term debt strategies tailored to specific economic and social development needs. We use proven and widely accepted methodologies in public financial management capacity assessments (like PEFA), and forward-looking medium-term debt management strategies to help preserve public debt sustainability and monitor cost-risk tradeoffs. We use  quantitative techniques like debt sustainability analysis (DSA) and medium-term debt strategy analytical tool (MTDS-AT), as well as diagnostic assessments of debt management capacity like the World Bank's DeMPA program. We ultimately assist our clients develop debt management reform plans to help support the country's development goals. 


We advise governments identify, assess, and monitor key political and security related risks and help develop solutions to manage them. Our perspective is wide, encompassing solutions focused on improving traditional security as well as long-term stability. We specialize in risk mapping (political, social, and security) and management and have credible expertise in the security and politics of the strategically vital region of the Middle East. We rely primarily on qualitative methodology to conduct our expert risk analysis which covers the following key topics: terrorism and insurgency, foreign and defense policy, state stability, regional security, arms control and nonproliferation, and civil conflict.


We offer publication support and laboratory training for researchers in the academic fields of biology and neuroscience. We provide editorial assistance for research papers and/or detailed critique of scientific manuscripts, books, and grants for academic scholars, clinical researchers and private industries. We also specialize in setting up specific laboratory techniques such as electrophysiology, behavioral assays and basic molecular biology for pre-clinical studies. Our core competencies are mostly focused on the neurosciences, covering areas such as chronic pain, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, and neuromodulation.